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 Suppose the three best teams in the game, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. With all three teams I would make the game structure similar, ie on possession and Pressing in ball loss. However here varies the attack approach. Free FIFA 17 Coins

  • With Bayern the wings game offers very good as Robben, Ribery and Costa are incredibly fast players and you can quickly move to the center with whom.
  • At Real Madrid we have the superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, which needs to be set the scene, it was targeted flanks or with short passes to the penalty area.
  • The FC Barcelona has technically very strong and agile player and of course Lionel Messi. Edges are rarely successful, so I recommend here a secure Tiki Taka through the center until you come to one of the three star players in the storm in a good shooting position. Triche FIFA 17

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