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 1/12/2011 7:51 PM
 Modified By  on 1/12/2011 1:52:21 PM

We are today releasing an updated version of Notifybox with a lot of new features!

We start with a few selected beta-users. Within a few days we will also release this version to all beta-users.

This version contains the features that will be released in the final release during January. Including the features that requires a subscription.

See below for more information regarding the news!

Best Regards,

The Notifybox team


Major features added;

Multi-folder monitoring

You can now let Notifybox monitor as many Dropbox folders as you wish. Including sub-folders. Or let Notifybox monitor your whole Dropbox folder structure. (Requires subscription).


A log file in each monitored folder shows who has worked with what document when. Every check-out, check-in, and canceled check-out is logged with time stamp, user and computer.

Encryption and compression

Afraid of uploading sensitive documents to Dropbox? Now you can use Notifybox to convert your files to encrypted files (.notify) with password protection. Each file is protected with a 256-bit AES encryption. The files are also compressed to save your Dropbox storage space. (Requires subscription).

Support for non MS Office documents

If you have non MS Office files that Notifybox can’t detect the opening of, you can now check-out and check-in such files using encryption described above.

Changed deployment method

In the first betas we used Microsoft ClickOnce deployment and installation. Now we have migrated to a normal installer (.msi package).


We are have now finalized the routine for handling subscription and attachment of computers to subscriptions.

Other improvements

And changed a lot of small things that you have noticed during beta-testing and reported to our forum. Thank you for your feedback!

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ForumForumNotifybox ForumNotifybox ForumNewsNewsNew version released (version 1.1)New version released (version 1.1)

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