Friday, August 18, 2017
Download instructions - Notifybox client
Please note that the application is only available for Windows (currently).
1. Download the Notifybox setup MSI package from the Notifybox website.
2. Run the NotifyboxSetup.msi, and follow the instructions in the install wizard
3. IMPORTANT: After install – start Notifybox from the Windows Start menu
4. When Notifybox starts you need to fill in your name, your mail address, and select your Dropbox root folder, and what folder you want Notifybox to monitor. Then click Save.
5. You can then close the application that will from now on run in the background monitoring the selected folder.
You test if everything works by saving an MS Office file to the monitored folder, and then open the file. You will then get a question if you want to ‘check-out the file’.
If it doesn't work - check out this forum thread - 'It's not working...'
For more information - see the Notifybox manual that you also find on the right side of this page.
If you have any problems, or other issues you want to report – please register as a user on this website, and go to the support forum (found in menu above when logged in) and post a message in the appropriate forum.
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Download the free Notifybox client below!

Dear Notifybox users,

The Notifybox support forum has been closed due to spam problems.

Please see the documentation here; Notifybox manual

If you still have any questions, please contact: support(at)

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